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Intelectual Property 


Within the project parnters are developing three Intelectual Outputs which help to reach the project outcomes.

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IOs 1 

The goal of the first result of the intellectual work is to equip youth workers with ready-to-use materials training materials analyzing all concepts related to the topics of ecology, recycling, the European Green Deal, climate change climate change as waste management, recycling, upcycling, eco-outdoor, ecological office, eco-food and the possibilities of use of IT tools for the educational games, entrepreneurship youth and active citizenship. The content of the materials Green square training materials will be aimed at groups of 13 years and older and will be used by those working with youth and trainers who conduct training programs based on on the topics of ecology, pro-environmental activities and entrepreneurship.

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IOs 2

Second Intelectual Outputs focuses on the development of Green Square's "Serious Game” which aims to provide a game-based learning approach, a fun, easy and interactive way to learn about ecology, pro-environmental activities, recycling, upcycling, waste management, food waste and the topics of climate change. The content of the game will be based on the material training material prepared as part of IO1 and will use real-life scenarios to demonstrate the explanations of each of the four thematic modules. During the game youth and other users will have to decide on choosing the best/most pro-environmental and easible feasible assumptions through interactive tasks based on a a diversified storyline based on ecology and minimization of wastefulness of products in the following conditions: home, outdoors, in the within the choices of given products, materials, food, etc.

IOs 3 

Third Intelectual Output focus on creating a skills verification scheme aimed at providing a comprehensive assessment of developed/created learning materials and tools. It will further stimulate the creation of badges of educational competence education and integration of the process of awarding them to individuals learners/users of the game and organizations integrating pro-environmental approaches with IT methodologies.

In detail, the following will be developed in IO3: For evaluation purposes: 

  1. evaluation of the training from the participants for to obtain their feedback, leading to quality improvement and implementation of the aforementioned feedback,

  2. pre- and post-tests In order to assess the knowledge gained by learners after completing the training.

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